Massachusetts Water Pollution Attorney

A complex body of local, state, and federal law provides strong protection for water and wetlands, whether publicly or privately owned. If you see any body of water being polluted with any substance—whether by an industrial facility, a construction development, a landfill, or any other type of entity or person—it is within your power to stop it. If the polluted waters are on your own property, you have a right to be paid to restore the property, and to be compensated for your damage.

Do not make the common mistake of relying solely on a board of health or environmental protection agency to address the water pollution problem that you have witnessed. While these boards and agencies serve an important purpose, and must be informed of any water pollution that you observe, they generally lack the resources to enforce the law with sufficient vigor. If you are a witness to water pollution, you need to call a private attorney. Call Attorney Vander Salm. He will fight for your right to clean water.

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