Massachusetts Noise Pollution Attorney

Noise pollution is a problem gaining increasing recognition in the courts. The raucous fraternity house; the fireworks fanatic; the muffler-less motorcyclist; the all-night loading dock at a factory; the incessant hum of a power plant turbine: at some point, these kinds of auditory assailants can severely diminish your enjoyment of your property. You do not need to tolerate them. Your neighbor is no more entitled to pollute your property with noise than it is entitled to pollute your property with a physical substance. If noise from your neighbor is seriously impairing your quality of life, you have every right to stop it, and to be compensated for your lost enjoyment of your property in the meantime.

Do not make the common mistake of relying solely on a board of health or environmental protection agency to address your noise pollution problem. While these boards and agencies serve an important purpose, and should be informed of any noise pollution that you experience, they generally lack the resources to enforce the law with sufficient vigor. If you are being assaulted by the noise of your neighbor, you need to call a private attorney. Call Attorney Vander Salm. He will fight for your right to live free of noise pollution.